Saturday, November 14, 2009


Because this layout is cooler than blogging on Myspace. Might as well look good even if no one is paying attention.

BIIPIIGWAN may be different since last time you saw us. Scotty of Alaskan fame now drums, and Dennis Scale of Dennis Scale fame plays bass. Mike is on second guitar (or first guitar, depending on how you look at it) and constantly resists the urge to rip into blazing solos.


  1. Hey Musky - shouldn't you have been working when you created this?

    Biipiigwan history: In honour of the new blogspot, I'm going on record to say that all Biipiigwan songs will now have a ten minute guitar solo (bet you're sorry now Musky).

    How exactly does one achieve Dennis Scale fame?

  2. I was also curious how one does achieve Dennis Scale fame, so I asked and the response with no words was : shoulder shrug with a sly smirk, hands slightly pointing at himself , emplying; I am pretty unreal at being awesome then followed by a less than stellar snap kick.