Friday, November 27, 2009

Sweet Metal Designs for the Working-man's Axe

I recently found a list of possible designs Musky is considering for his guitar (he recently borrowed one of my 'Two and a Half Men' DVD's, and accidentally left it in the case). I will share them with you; they are the following:
-crystal skull wearing a bejewelled crown (w/ ruby eyes)
-3 fanned out ace of spades on fire
-8-ball, surrounded by roses and four aces
-over-sized dice, w/ aces punctuated w/ ying-yangs
-a cartoon gecko
-crying Jesus (w/ mace and trident???)
-Pegassus mounting a dragon w/ dead snakes in its claws and a giant sword
-Ed Roth-style hot-rod w/ flaming wheels
-crystal ball surrounded by cloudy face and hands of gypsy
-woman dressed as gangster holding tommy gun
-Che Guevara holding a hammer and sickle drapped in Cuban flag
-pyramid w/ 'all-seeing eye'
-naval steering wheel w/ skull in centre
-the 'Om' surrounded by planets and stars

PS - At the bottom of the list was note that Musky intends to include along with the new design on his geeter. It reads as follows:
"Musky - you are a good person, and people like you - and even though Scotty says hurtful things sometimes, he doesn't mean them. Your pal, Musky."

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