Monday, March 22, 2010

Rice & Rooney

Hey - if you haven't seen the posters around the city for Musky and Scotty's new play, here it is!! (and if you haven't, feel free to print this off and post it wherever)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sounds Like...

As it is difficult to describe Biipiigwan's new album God's Hooks, I have tried to create some familiar analogies from which, hopefully our readers (3 people who are already in the band) can use to get a rough idea of the sound of "God's Hooks."

If Biipiigwan's new album God's Hooks was a(n) ____________ it would be __________.

Album; God's Hooks, by Biipiigwan
Oscar Winning Film; Harry and the Hendersons
Unincorporated American Territory; Guam (geographically furthest from Alaska)
Geologic Era; the Carboniferous Era
Pornographic Era; the 1970's
TV Sitcom; Charles in Charge
TV Sitcom (British); ?
Medical Procedure; Phalloplasty
Medical Condition; Hypospadias
Frozen Dessert; a Popsicle
Bodily Function; Shit
Former Soviet Bloc Country; Bulgaria
Deciduous Plant; the Lady Fern
Chemical Element; Boron
SNL Cast Member; Dan Aykroyd
Industrial Age Contribution to Modern Technology; the Spinning Mule
Method of Mass Transportation; the Magnetic Leviathan (or Monorail)
Cat Belonging to Musky; Don Piano (I would have likely chosen the other cat, but I can't spell its name...)
Batman Villian; King Tut
Roman God; Mutunus Tutunus
Roman Emperor; Phillip the Arab (244-248 AD)
Carbonated Beverage; Diet Mr. Pib
Economic System; Feudilism
American President; William Howard Taft (1909-1913)
Non-Migratory Bird; the Great Tit
Non-Migratory Bird (woodland); the Blue Tit
Long-Winged Marine Bird; the Booby
Female Body Part; the Under-arm
Egg-Based Dish; a Breakfast Loaf
Dinosaur; Dinosaur Jr.

So hopefully, the next time someone asks you, "Hey! - what does Biipiigwan sound like?" you can reply, "I don't know - fuck off."