Sunday, November 29, 2009


Congratulations Biipiigwan, on your new blog!

Biipiigwan Goes Emo!

Exciting (lamenting and sorrowful) news - Biipiigwan has gone emo! Our song titles are now the following:
Black Beaches and Black Seas of Sorrow
Vegan Sandwich Spread Heavily Salted By My Tears
The Self-righteous Battle Within
The Red Dagger of Sadness That Stabbeth At My Heart
Untitled ... (this one doesn't really change, but now the title is more ironic)
Crus-asphyxiation -or- Goth's Hooks

In other Biipiigwan news, Mike has been asked to leave the band for "persistent stupidity and inanity." He is now suing for legal custody of his bass.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sweet Metal Designs for the Working-man's Axe

I recently found a list of possible designs Musky is considering for his guitar (he recently borrowed one of my 'Two and a Half Men' DVD's, and accidentally left it in the case). I will share them with you; they are the following:
-crystal skull wearing a bejewelled crown (w/ ruby eyes)
-3 fanned out ace of spades on fire
-8-ball, surrounded by roses and four aces
-over-sized dice, w/ aces punctuated w/ ying-yangs
-a cartoon gecko
-crying Jesus (w/ mace and trident???)
-Pegassus mounting a dragon w/ dead snakes in its claws and a giant sword
-Ed Roth-style hot-rod w/ flaming wheels
-crystal ball surrounded by cloudy face and hands of gypsy
-woman dressed as gangster holding tommy gun
-Che Guevara holding a hammer and sickle drapped in Cuban flag
-pyramid w/ 'all-seeing eye'
-naval steering wheel w/ skull in centre
-the 'Om' surrounded by planets and stars

PS - At the bottom of the list was note that Musky intends to include along with the new design on his geeter. It reads as follows:
"Musky - you are a good person, and people like you - and even though Scotty says hurtful things sometimes, he doesn't mean them. Your pal, Musky."

Mekhaya CD release show

December 12 at Zaphod's (27 York St. Ottawa).


$5, doors at 8pm. Jouez le fuckin' metal!

In other news, I (Musky) taught my cat how to fetch today. The other cat knows how to high five. As soon as one of them learns the banjo, we're hitting the goddamn road.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Because this layout is cooler than blogging on Myspace. Might as well look good even if no one is paying attention.

BIIPIIGWAN may be different since last time you saw us. Scotty of Alaskan fame now drums, and Dennis Scale of Dennis Scale fame plays bass. Mike is on second guitar (or first guitar, depending on how you look at it) and constantly resists the urge to rip into blazing solos.