Friday, January 29, 2010


Hey perverts! - the city of Ottawa has a great way to beat the cold of winter; while indulging in the darker side of your disturbed subconscious (Winterlewd!)

Festivities include:
-A Roman Shower (sponsored by the Emetophile's Guild)
-The Eproctophile Humidor
-The Frauderist Snow-castle
-Hey kids! - meet "Yiffer" the Schediaphile's Mascot
-The D-tent (brought to you by the Klismaphiles' Local 406)
Get swag!! - all February, use your Winterlewd pass to get:
-2 months of free calling with Telus Mobility for Telephone Scatalogists
-Forniphiles pay only the taxes until 2050 at the Brick
-Robofetishists and technosexuals save 15% when they spend $50 at Future Shop
-Access to the "Retifist's Shoebox" donated by Sketchers

Note: Parking will not be validated; Agalmatophiles not welcome (this means you Scale).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Get Well Soon, Mike!!

Guitarist and resident weirdo Mike Shrives has been laid up by illness for some time now, preventing him from partying, jamming, or even making bizarre blog posts. Please join us in wishing Mike a speedy recovery and reminding him that if he's not better by next jam, then he's fucking fired.


- your fwends Musky, Scotty, and Dennis