Friday, March 19, 2010

Sounds Like...

As it is difficult to describe Biipiigwan's new album God's Hooks, I have tried to create some familiar analogies from which, hopefully our readers (3 people who are already in the band) can use to get a rough idea of the sound of "God's Hooks."

If Biipiigwan's new album God's Hooks was a(n) ____________ it would be __________.

Album; God's Hooks, by Biipiigwan
Oscar Winning Film; Harry and the Hendersons
Unincorporated American Territory; Guam (geographically furthest from Alaska)
Geologic Era; the Carboniferous Era
Pornographic Era; the 1970's
TV Sitcom; Charles in Charge
TV Sitcom (British); ?
Medical Procedure; Phalloplasty
Medical Condition; Hypospadias
Frozen Dessert; a Popsicle
Bodily Function; Shit
Former Soviet Bloc Country; Bulgaria
Deciduous Plant; the Lady Fern
Chemical Element; Boron
SNL Cast Member; Dan Aykroyd
Industrial Age Contribution to Modern Technology; the Spinning Mule
Method of Mass Transportation; the Magnetic Leviathan (or Monorail)
Cat Belonging to Musky; Don Piano (I would have likely chosen the other cat, but I can't spell its name...)
Batman Villian; King Tut
Roman God; Mutunus Tutunus
Roman Emperor; Phillip the Arab (244-248 AD)
Carbonated Beverage; Diet Mr. Pib
Economic System; Feudilism
American President; William Howard Taft (1909-1913)
Non-Migratory Bird; the Great Tit
Non-Migratory Bird (woodland); the Blue Tit
Long-Winged Marine Bird; the Booby
Female Body Part; the Under-arm
Egg-Based Dish; a Breakfast Loaf
Dinosaur; Dinosaur Jr.

So hopefully, the next time someone asks you, "Hey! - what does Biipiigwan sound like?" you can reply, "I don't know - fuck off."

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