Friday, January 29, 2010


Hey perverts! - the city of Ottawa has a great way to beat the cold of winter; while indulging in the darker side of your disturbed subconscious (Winterlewd!)

Festivities include:
-A Roman Shower (sponsored by the Emetophile's Guild)
-The Eproctophile Humidor
-The Frauderist Snow-castle
-Hey kids! - meet "Yiffer" the Schediaphile's Mascot
-The D-tent (brought to you by the Klismaphiles' Local 406)
Get swag!! - all February, use your Winterlewd pass to get:
-2 months of free calling with Telus Mobility for Telephone Scatalogists
-Forniphiles pay only the taxes until 2050 at the Brick
-Robofetishists and technosexuals save 15% when they spend $50 at Future Shop
-Access to the "Retifist's Shoebox" donated by Sketchers

Note: Parking will not be validated; Agalmatophiles not welcome (this means you Scale).

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